"Sky" - 3yr old Blue & Gold Macaw (Female)

This adorable girl has been one of our flock for just over a year now. She loves to welcome folks who walk in the door, talk to kids, and entertain them conversations while monkeying around.

Her favorite things are waving "Hello", hanging upside down in her cage by one toe, dancing, and show off her amazing wings.

"Phoenix" - 1yr old African Senegal (Female)

This little pistol was hand fed by the owner and is very attached to her mom. She is not sure about strangers, therefore she hangs out on the play area on the counter so she feels safe when outside her cage.

Her favorite things are saying "Hey" to get your attention, hanging upside down from the ceiling tiles and people watching. She throws fits like a little child, stomping her feet, then flopping on her back and proceeding to pout till she gets her way!

If you put her up before she is good and ready she will bite down on your finger so you can't take your finger away.

"Tara" - 1yr old Sun Conure (Female)

Many folks know about this colorful little gal. She can be found hanging from the jungle gym by a toe fluttering her wings trying desperately to get her mom's attention. What does she want? Why to hide out in mommy's shirt of course!

Tara was hand fed by the owner, Melissa, and bonded so tightly she got to stay with her mommy forever. She is best friends with Phoenix and considers her a sister. Tara and Phoenix can often be found playing in front of the big window on the jungle gym together during the day.